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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Tacticool. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic Gameplay

The objective of the game is to gain more points than the other team before the timer ends. Keep in mind that you gain +2 points per kill but that also affects if you kill your teammates the other team will receive those points. Taking the bag will give your team extra +1 point every 6 seconds.


You can customize controls to your preference in the Controls section of the Settings menu. It's allowed to adjust the sensivity and change your buttons location.

UI Layout customization interface

Tips and Tricks

How to Efficiently Start the Game

- Use current promotional codes (redeemable at Settings / Developer / Support Code)

  1. Do not upgrade any weapon weaker than the MK VI.
  2. You can buy the Starter Kit once, which gives you 3000 Gold for a very low price, and you will never be able to buy it again. For 750 Gold, buy a gun of any class you like.
  3. After pumping the main weapon to the MK6, you can buy a second gun, and eventually a third one.
  4. Be sure and always watch the ads and complete all the daily missions located on the second tab in the Missions menu. Each day you receive 3 missions, 2 of which can be changed by watching an advertisement. Same goes for the Club missions.
  5. You can buy the Club Pass, it helps to earn both Silver and Gold, as well as grants a greater chance at the roulette wheel after the fight.
  6. Whenever you play, it's a good idea to use Discord and team up with other players. The official Discord channel can help you find people.


Shotguns (High Difficulty) for attacking aggressively and pushing your objective. You can effectively kill with one shot, but only at very close range. Mix smoke grenades and rolling to quickly close in. Any operator that buffs weapon spread is a good choice. SMGs as an alternative (kill slower, but at a greater distance, generally easier to master).

Assault Rifles are generally good for defense. Machine Guns are universal, but they lack the accuracy of an SMG and are much worse compared to Sniper Rifles if you're planning on camping one spot. Machine Guns also require coordinated support from the team.

As for the Secondary Weapon, Melee is your choice. The knife would be enough at first, but you'll want to purchase the Tomahawk whenever you have some excess Silver - combined with Zloy and smokes, it's perfect. The Pistols are practically useless except when taken for running speed, since snipers could use extra mobility.

Special Weapons

It's important to have a Special Weapon suitable for the situation. When attacking against snipers and especially machine gunners, use RPG, and be sure to upgrade the aiming speed. Also, Adrenaline is very good in the attack (it makes you immune to gas for a few seconds which allows you to quickly run away / change position).

When in defense, try using gas grenades and either mines or laymore. The impact grenade is useful up to a rating of ~ 7000, then it is practically ineffective. Landau and C4 are situationally useful, but not for a beginner. Smoke is good, especially with gas or with the knife, or against snipers.


Strive for Rare and Epic Operators. Joe is good for Shotguns and Machine Guns, as his passive ability allows you to shoot from maximum distance and increases accuracy. He is also useful for SMG / AR, although Valera is a better pick here since your rate of fire makes a huge difference for these classes.

Sniper Rifles also benefit from Valera's passive, while Varg makes aiming much faster. Zloy is perfect for rush and smoke tactics with Batya as an alternative. Syndrome is incredibly thick which makes him suitable for any weapon (except Sniper Rifles), and David helps endure long firefights with his extended clip capacity.

Game Tips

  • If you play as a squad - ALWAYS use voice communications, even if you're just listening to your teammates!
  • Have at least two sets upgraded and ready to go: one for attack and another one for defense. Customize them to suit the preferred play style.
  • It is better to start a round with an attacking loadout when capturing the bag. In 90% of cases, the first team to take it wins the game. At the beginning of the round, the entire team should work together to secure the bag, carry it back to the base and gain a foothold there. When the initial attack is over, switch to a defensive set on death.
  • On all maps, except for the Dry Cargo and McReady Station, the bag can (and should) be quickly picked up with the help of a grenade / RPG / Landau. Ideally, the fastest player on the team starts the game with Landau, rushes to the bag, takes it and retreats, while the rest provide cover. On the Dry Cargo, the second respawn is more important, when the bag arrives, is more important. Use the time before to farm frags and set traps.
  • If you have taken the bag, keep it in the back of your base. Find a convenient defensive position with enough cover, set mines if possible.
  • If the score is in your favor and at the end of the round you have your bag taken away, it might be better not to run after it, but to go into defense and win on points.

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